Digital Paper

Digital Paper

Wide Format Digital Paper Media

Wide Format Digital Paper, also known as interactive paper, is patterned paper used in conjunction with software that drives a digital pen via blue tooth, wi fi infer-red to create handwritten, or on a wider scale, drafting, blueprint digital documents. The software runs a dot pattern receiving points on the pad which notes pen movement which then creates position coordinates on the paper. The digital pen uses this pattern to store the handwriting and upload it to the processor / computer.

The dot pattern shares two dimensional bar-code; which the recording of the paper to digital paper occurs by the digital small pixil camera in the pen. The pen typically records a 6 x 6 group of dots. The full available pattern may consist up to 670,999,999,999,999,999,999 dots, and to encompass an area exceeding 4.7 million km² (this corresponds to 73 trillion unique sheets of letter-size paper). WoW, hence Wide Format Digital Paper Media for recording and storing information that will become the Digital paper.

The complete pattern space that is recorded by the digital paper pen is divided into various domains. These domains can be used to define paper types, or to indicate the paper’s purpose (for example, wide format vector formatting, blueprint copying, memo formatting, personal planners, notebook paper, sized down to the size of Post-it notes, et cetera).

The dot pattern can be printed onto almost any paper media in which the wide format printing machine, in turn, the wide format printer plotter best pressure settings for amount of ink using a minimum of 600 dpi resolution (qualified are HP Designjet, Canon IPF, Epson… more), and carbon-based black ink. The paper can be any shape or size greater than 2 mm to a side, therefore, thinking of the wide format media of standard USA use we can see the smallest most used media gives print of 4mil wide format media

Plotter Ink (using black ink which is most common), or copier toner (depending on which wide format printer plotter is in use) is seen via the digital paper pen can be used, also including non-carbon-based black, to print information which will be visible to the user, and invisible to the pen. Therefore, keep the black or matte black ink stocked. Also this means that one can add digital paper information to the software (a line or script via keyboard stroke to create what one sees on the screen).

Digital Papers viewed on line (internet etc). There are many examples of wide format plotter digital printing paper and large-format media that can be used.

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