Wide Inkjets Plotters Paper Supply Plotter Rolls Inkjet Media

Wide Format IJ Plotter Papers Supply CAD Plotter Roll Inkjet Media

One of the most asked questions that has been asked is “How do I choose my paper?”

Large format paper plotter, or more commonly known as Wide Format Paper Plotter, is paper that is used in your business large format printer, or large toner copier.

With so many plotter machines available, we have a wide range of 20# paper roll plotter packaged perfect for the type of machine that you have.  There are a few direct plotter paper questionPlotter Inkjet Papers that need to be addressed prior to selecting your size and type of large/wide format plotter paper.

     1.       Printer type (HP, Canon, OCE, Kip, Epson, Xerox…and many more)

     2.       Core size (either a 2” core or a 3” core)

     3.       Project – what type of project you are creating (i.e. photos, blue prints, architectural designs…to name just a few) this can range from self adhesive plotter rolls of paper, scrim, mylar plotter rolls and more.

With the above information obtained, you will have no problem selecting your paper. We are very proud to be able to provide the best quality paper and the best value to you.  This American made paper, is paper that we are pleased to sell to you, our valued customer.

Depending on the size of your project, we have a variety of paper that come in different quantities per carton.  Larger rolls, up to 500 feet, can either come in 1 or 2 roll quantities.  Smaller rolls can come up to 8 rolls per carton.  Again, quality and value to you!

Our paper is designed for your specific needs when it comes to delivering the high quality #HpPlotterPapers product that you expect.  From bond paper, photo paper, engineering paper, CAD paper, or any other type of large format paper plotter that you are rolling out, our paper will be the quality and value you demand.

We are here to assist you with your needs, so please feel free to call us.  One of our courteous representatives will provide you with excellent service and guide you to the best product.

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