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36″ Plotter Papers

Plotter Paper Rolls | Roll of Plotter Paper | Paper Rolls and Sizes36 inch plotter paper information is any roll, or sheet, of plotter paper that is 36 inches in width. This can be a roll or a cut sheet. Usually ‘plotter paper’ is quality bond paper that is rolled to fit plotter machines, therefore, the 36 inch roll that would fit onto any plotter machine or plotter printer could be called 36″ Plotter Paper or 36 inch Plotter Paper. Valued as a commodity when presenting needed results of a 36 inch wide presentation, 36″ plotter paper is a favorite among plotter users.
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There was one time not long ago in the beginning when 36×500 (which was some of the fist 36 inch plotter paper used) was called 3R5151. This paper was 36 x 500 and today is still ‘taped to core’ paper. Taped to core meant that the end of the roll was taped to the core to stop the copier printer at the end of the roll. It is still used today and can be found from American Workers as 36″ x 500′ 20 LB Bond (3 inch core) 430D36L. Xerox released a statement last week saying they were no longer going to be selling the 3R5151 36×500 , yet you can still find them from
With any job, the idea is that you want quality 36 inch plotter paper that will not wrinkle in your machine. American made plotter paper is still top popularity in that arena. Plotter paper, or large amounts of them called plotterpaperrolls is made with wood pulp and not wood shavings for you may wish to prolong the life of your plotter head and manufacturer specs do communicate that plotter paper used on any size plotter machine should be treated to keep the machine head, and all parts, clean, free of lint and working to the best outcome.

Here are today’s standard sizes and where you can find them:
36″ x 48″
36″ x 75′
36″ x 100′
36″ x 150′
36″ x 300′
36″ x 500′
36″ x 650′
Here you can find the highest Quality 36 x 500 plotter paper 36″ Plotter Paper for any plotter machine

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