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Plotter Paper Rolls Roll of Plotter Paper Paper Rolls and Sizes Electrostatic Wide Format Plotter Papers Supplies in Roll Sheet. Today the Electrostatic Plotter still uses toner, for the majority plotter electrostatic papers phenomena include many examples as simple as the attraction of the plastic wrap to your hand after you remove it from a package, or 3 mil or 4 mil tacky back wide-format electrostatic, to the apparently spontaneous explosion of grain silos, to damage of electronic components during manufacturing, to the operation of photocopiers.Plotter Roll Papers Electrostatic

Electrostatics in plotter media printers, copiers involves the buildup of charge on the surface of objects due to contact with other surfaces. Although charge exchange happens whenever any two surfaces contact and separate, the effects of charge exchange are usually only noticed when at least one of the surfaces has a high resistance to electrical flow, according to (Wikipedia) on that last part.  I knew it was an exchange of charged particles which had to attract the large-format plotter copier toner to the papers used with plotter media.

For Plotters, it could be defined that an Electrostatic plotter is one that uses an electrostatic method of printing. Liquid toner models use a positively charged toner that is attracted to paper which is negatively charged by passing by a line of electrodes (tiny wires or nibs) producing a raster image by charging the paper with a high voltage. The voltage would attracts toner which is then melted into the paper with heat. Models print in black and white or color, and some handle paper up to six feet wide. Possibly the beginning of Wide Format ,,, media first, then paper, perhaps.

Today, newer electrostatic plotters are really large-format laser printers and focus light onto a charged drum using lasers or LEDs. The LED’s “Light Emanating Devices” could beam a light onto a charged plate that would produce a monochrome drawing up to 400 dpi. but the quality is generally considered to be poor when compared to pen plotters. Tags: Copier, Plotter, Printer, Laser, black toner used

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