20# Vellum CAD Inkjet Plotter Paper Roll Printing Media

Vellum 20Lb Plotter Paper

Vellum (20lb) 100% cotton rag vellum, ideal in printing using classy easel presentation or in Vellum overlay work. Note- non-yellowing, inkjet roll durable, acid-free and solvent-free, vellum designed to work with CAD inkjet plot printers and 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″ plotter engineering paper USA ink or toner copiers. Vellum 20Lb plotter paper is a solvent-less cotton roll inkjet vellum that does not fade over time, used mostly when demanding applications and high speed duplication is needed. Vellum paper is thicker (or should we say “mHow to Roll Vellumore dense”) than other media paper used for large design image prints. You will find 100 sheet of paper in one pack of Vellum Plotter Paper and you can use light color ink on this plotter paper. The quality and durability of image prints on Vellum 20Lb Plotter Paper is such that users rated it 100% achievable.

Vellum 20Lb plotter paper is good for blue line print reproduction, presentation plots, overlays or heavier weight and high volume master copy prints. Vellum plotter papers are used on HP DesignJet 1050c (Plotter Paper Roll Size & Ink) and other large image printers like canon or Espon and so on.

24″, 30″, 36″, 42″ Vellum

Vellum 20LB plotter papers are:

  • Smooth
  • waterproof
  • lightweight
  • thicker than other media papers
  • 100% cotton rag vellum
  • Image prints does Not fade over time
  • designed for use with wide inkjet format printers /copier
  • designed for use in Long Lasting Presentations and overlay application
  • cut in sheets and roll
  • has 2 inch core

Vellum 20LB Plotter Specifications

  • 2-in core and 3-in core size
  • Basis Wt – 20lb, 75.2gsm
  • White Brightness – 95
  • Caliper – 3.3 mil
  • Opacity – 59%
  • 100 sheet per pack

Vellum plotter papers were made from animal pelts, lamb skins and are in the present made from cotton in recent times. The waterproof nature of vellum plotter paper makes it a popular demand for long term document storage (archives).

For crafts or artistic drawing prints, you can get that elegant presentable look that you seek. The thicker feature of vellum papers allows it to roll fast through printer with ease and with no jam or squeezing of paper in printers.

Vellum from Calf

Vellum made from a Calf

Vellum from Goat

Goat Vellum

Vellum A1 A2 A3 A0 A4 plotter paper

Cotton Vellum A1 A2 A3 A0 A4

After a print out is complete, ensure to remove printed job with care, do not let your hands touch the paper surface, especially the ink on the vellum so that you will not spoil/ wipe the print. Once prints are allowed to dry on vellum papers, printed image stays for as long as you wish to keep the paper.

Also, to get the best of from using vellum plotter paper, it is best to use the right ink printing density. For correct ink density, is best to read the printer manual very well so as to follow ink density as specified. Do all vellum 20Lb plotter paper printing in small batches to avoid over working your printer and paper jam.

When you follow the right setting on inkjet printers, especially when you want to use vellum paper rolls, small ink print on vellum paper gives quality output that will amaze you and you ink will last longer than you expect. You should feed in one sheet of Non absorbent vellum 20lb plotter paper roll in to printer for test print, to see if you have your print desire before feeding in entire vellum paper rolls for mass printing.

For vellum 20LB plotter paper to get dry in no time, use a blow dryer. Place the dryer (hair dryer) about half foot away to avoid blowing the ink around the work area. This will help your vellum paper printing dry almost immediately after printing out your job. It is best to leave the vellum paper set for about 30 minutes after printing before moving it to get the best dry. It is best to use light colors on dark vellum 20lb plotter papers and dark colors on light vellum paper rolls for best print contrast.

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