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A0, A1,A2, A3 Sizes converted to US plotter paper Architect sizes

Plotter Paper Rolls Roll of Plotter Paper Paper Rolls and SizesLooking over sizes A0, A1,A2, A3 Sizes converted to US plotter paper Architect sizes here is how they look -

  • A0 is noted by such plotter manufactures as HP, and Epson as A0 – 36″ x 100′ (36 in x 100 ft) and 36×150 (36 inches x 150 ft) 36″ x 150′ (36 inch x 150 foot) 20lb Bond Plotter Paper
  • A1 ROLL has been printed by HP and Epson for wide-format plotter printing as these 24 in x 100 ft & A124″ x 150 ft
  • A1 Sheet = American size here is a comfort zone of D Size paper = D Size Paper 24 x 36 …. Finally, WoW there are so many metric, over the big pond, new websites trying SO hard to broadcast every plotting size on EARTH that I had lost my own reference point there for a min…. more on this later today – I will explain later….
  • A2 as 17inch wide (A2) roll paper (commonly thought of as 17×150)
  • A3 as Matte 13x 19” (Super B/A3+) at times referred to as A+ due to the metric name A3+ is 13 x 19 inches

In turn often as time moves on…..